Summer BBQ Upgrade

Summer Barbecue Upgrade

We often associate summer with barbecues, fun in the sun (and a bathing suit) and lots of social gatherings. Barbecues are usually synonymous with hot dogs, hamburgers, maybe some grilled chicken, corn on the cob and plenty of heavy mayonnaise based salads…..not so good for bathing suit season. Actually, grilling meat can have some long-lasting affects that can go way beyond bathing suites and calories.  

Grilling meat can produce cancer-promoting chemicals. These chemicals are produced in two ways – when smoke interacts with the meat on the grill (when dripping fat causes flames to flare) and when meat is exposed to high heat or prolonged cooking. 

There’s a few ways to keep yourself safe and healthy while still enjoying a juice grilled burger. 

simple ways to grill with less carcinogens

1. Cover the grill with foil (make tiny perforations to allow fat to drip through) before grilling 

2. Cook slow and flip often to avoid charring food 

3. Use lean cuts of meat to prevent fat from dripping and causing too many flames (flames = charring, which = cancer forming carcinogens 

4. Marinade your meat in something acid-based  such as vinegar, citrus juices, or red wine. This may decrease the cancer forming carcinogens, especially when grilling steak.

Grilling meat isn’t the only thing that needs to be upgraded. Let’s talk about side dishes and all the mayo. So much mayo, pasta, potato and buns. Say goodbye to your healthy eating routine- because it just fell into a bowl of mayo. Not to mention, these sides are not very memorable or tasty. They sort of just became the norm. There are so many flavorful, healthy and easy recipes that will not only be crowd-pleasers ….but they also won’t crush your healthy diet or leave you feeling heavy/bloated.  Below are some of my top pics. And yes, you’ll still notice some pasta in there, but it’s pasta on steroids. Just click the image to see the full recipe and you’ll see what I mean! 

grilled sweet potato pizzas

by fit foodie finds

greek chicken kabobs with yogurt tzatziki

by healthy glow

thai peanut pasta salad

by banza

cucumber chickpea salad

by maebell

grilled lemon butter salmon

by delish

rotini pesto pasta salad

by banza