Plyo Core One- July 8

Plyo core workout 1

Week of July 9, 2018
Use the video below for reference. 


Warm up
-plank hold  for 30sec
-table top hip openers x 20
– squat holds for 30sec
-high knees for 30sec

Circuit 1 
-walkout with 2 taps x 10
-plank reaches x 20
-knee taps to pop squat x 10
-squat hops x 20
modification- do as many squat hops as you can, then go to a basic air squat for the remaining res

*3 sets in a row, then rest for 1-2 minutes before starting the next circuit

Circuit 2 
– jump lunges x 20
– hallow hold angles x 20 
– dead bugs x 20
-wide stance mountain climbers x 20

*complete 3 rounds of circuit 2, rest in between each round for 60-90 seconds

*stretch and foam roll

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