FAQ-What to Know Before You Row

Location + Parking

We are located at 35 Front Street in Port Jervis, NY (across the street from Foundry42). There is 2 hour street parking along Front Street. Additional parking can usually be found on the next street over on Ball Street. We suggest giving yourself a little extra time to find parking during high traffic hours between 9am-5pm.  

What to Wear + Bring

We suggest wearing fitted, comfortable workout clothes and sneakers. You will get your sweat on! So bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. We hope to have a water cooler and/or water to purchase in the studio, however, during Grand Opening we suggest bringing your own water just in case.

We suggest you come ready to workout in your athletic clothes, however, if that is not possible we do have a restroom in the studio where you can change.

There are no formal locker rooms in the studio. Until we are fully set-up, we recommend you keep all personal belongings at home or locked in your car. 

Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

Don’t over complicate what you eat before or after class. If you registered for an early morning class, we recommend getting a small snack in your belly at least 30 minutes before class such as an apple with nut butter, a hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast or a scoop of protein mixed with water/milk of your choice. However, if you know your body and feel better working out on an empty stomach that is perfectly fine too. We are happy to give one-on-one suggestions for pre/post workout nutrition, just ask us during your next class! 

Do I need to take a Rowing Fundamentals

Rowing fundamentals is not a pre-requisite, but recommended for newbies and members who desire more detailed training/practice on proper rowing form. The Rowing Fundamentals class prepares you for the general class format and rowing technique. Class does move a little slower compared to other classes, but you will still get your sweat on!

Mindset Matters

We know that trying a new fitness class can be scary. Don’t stress! We’ll take good care of you regardless of your fitness level. We just ask that everyone that walks into the studio, walks in with a good attitude. We all have bad days or get in a funk, however, this studio should be your happy place. Keep the bs at the door…it will be there waiting for you when you leave (but we are certain you’ll kick the bs to the curb by the time you sweat it out!) .

Be Kind

Yep, that’s right! It’s essential that you are not only kind and supportive to others in the studio, but also kind to yourself. If you’re new to fitness, or just having an off day – give yourself some grace and know that fitness is a journey. It is not something you magically arrive at with a six-pack of abs. Always givr your best with how you’re feeling and shake off those bad days.