It's time to work it out

Rowing is a fitness game changer – burning more calories than any other aerobic exercise. It strengthens, stretches and increases mobility with every stroke­, perfect for any fitness level.

what to expect

Whether you’re an avid workout enthusiast or just getting started-you’re in the right place.  

About Upstate Row

Welcome to Upstate Row-an upbeat fitness community that utilizes rowing and functional training to burn calories, build muscle and deliver powerful results for both body and mind. Each class varies intervals of calorie burning rowing and muscle sculpting mat exercises for legs, core and upper body.

WHo should Row

No matter what your fitness level is, you have a place at Upstate Row. There are a variety of classes to fit the needs of all levels. Whether you are new to fitness and want to shape up, a weekend warrior, or just stuck in a rut….join the crew at Upstate Row and experience the amazing results.muscle sculpting mat exercises for legs, core and upper body.

Why Row

Did you know that rowing is one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise? Rowing is a low impact workout in which every major muscle group is activated. It strengthens, stretches and increases mobility with every stroke-while burning more calories than any other aerobic exercise, perfect for any fitness level.

The Studio

Expect a welcoming, modern and clean space where all are welcome. The studio is small, yet mighty. Our focus is on quality of service and training and not on quantity. No matter what your shape, size, age, etc. you will feel at home; surrounded by a supportive community.

The Workout

Workouts will consist of short, 1-5 minute intervals on the rowing machine, followed by various functional movements on the mat. This may include anything from pushups, to squats, burpees and so on. The type of movements and ratio to mat/rower will varying depending on the type of class.

The Coaches

Each class is led by a skilled and certified fitness professional. Because our class sizes are small and intiment, our coaches will know your goals, strengths, weakness and physical limitations. We will learn the perfect balance of pushing you to new levels, while keeping you safe and in good form.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Lauren, the head coach and owner of Upstate Row. I have an extensive background in fitness and nutrition. From chronic illness due to an autoimmune condition to vibrant health; fitness and nutrition have given back my life. So much so, I decided to get my degree in Nutrition from the University of Colorado.

After spending the last 10 years working in fitness clubs and nutrition coaching, I wanted to try something different. I took a brief two-year break from the health and wellness industry and worked in marketing/graphic design. I quickly experienced what I’ve been hearing from my clients for years– “I’m too tired to workout after a long day at the office” or “I have no energy to cook healthy and meal prep.”

This brief time off was eye opening and provided me with priceless perspective. It not only allowed me to experience a “normal” office job, sitting down for hours a day but it has also given me more compassion and insight on the day-to-day challenges most people face.

So now here I am, settled back in the same town I grew up in–ready to create a healthy, fit community. I couldn’t be more excited!

“My coaching style is both good cop, bad cop. I will challenge you to push beyond your limits, provide support and encouragement.…but I won’t let you make excuses or give up on yourself.  As a fitness and nutrition coach, I am dedicated to empowering people to take their health into their own hands and guide them through the process to live happier, healthier lives.”