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RUN CLUB - every thursday!

Come join us for a fun run club every Thursday at 5pm! This is a free event for our community to gather outside, socialize and exercise. All levels are welcome—walk, jog, run, skip… whatever you want as long as you’re moving!

When it comes to achieving body sculpting benefits, indoor rowing is in a class of its own. A 50-minute rowing class can burn up to 1200 calories.

- GQ Magazine


rise + row

The ideal workout for the office jockey. One of the most amazing benefits of rowing is its ability to stretch your joints, ligaments and muscles. In this class we’ll focus on rowing form, core strength and functional movements on the mat to increase strength and flexibility.  You will not only get your heart pumping but will also leave with your body feeling loose and energized.

power row

This is a shortened class that is all about maximizing time. Expect to be physically challenged and high off feel-good endorphins. Power Row is a high intensity interval workout that incorporates powerful bursts on the rower and metabolism boosting, plyometric movements on the mat to work the core and the upper/lower body.

row + flow

The best of both worlds where rowing is combined with yoga! Row + Flow integrates 30 minutes of intense rowing/training on the mat finished with 20 minutes of deep yoga stretching. Expect to experience the perfect yin-yang workout- being fully challenged and then rewarded with a calming, recovery boosting yoga cool-down.

cardio core

A class purely focused on burning calories and shredding your core. Cardio Core combines longer stretches on the metabolism boosting rower and core based mat movements to strengthen and tone your abs. The average member will burn 600-700 calories per class and leave feeling like they can conquer the day.

high intensity interval training

HIIT is comprised of alternating periods of short, intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up which means more fat burning in less time. HITT also improves endurance which will carry over to more moderate intensity runs, rows and other workouts
 This class is perfect for people strapped on time, but still want to improve their fitness. Even though this is a 30 minute class, be prepared to work! We guarantee you’ll be hooked to the post workout endorphins.  


row fundamentals

This fundamentals class will train and progress your form/efficiency on the rowing machine. Whether this is your first class, or you’re already a member you’ll have lots of individual attention to help get you to the next level. Rest assure, you’re still going to get a killer workout during this class!

If you’ve never been on a rowing machine, no worries….we’ll cover all the basics and so much more! Expect a solid workout with lots of instruction and guidance.

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